Who Should Detox

Who Should Detox

Who Should Consider Detox

If you are thinking about a detox diet for weight loss or a quick 3 day cleanse for more energy but are not really sure if it is right for you, then you are at the right place.  The items below are based on the opinion of leading experts in the field and will provide insight on who should detox and what type of detox program is right for you.

If  you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, then approaching a safe and effective detox diet with the approval of your primary health provider will most definitely lead to a healthier state of mind and body.  In the best case, your illness may be eliminated completely and in the worst case, you will be living a healthier lifestyle that will have positive impacts on all areas of your life.

  • Chronic digestive problems
  • Impaired liver functions (alcohol, high stress, drugs, hepatitis, poor eating habits)
  • Stiff and aching joints
  • Sore Muscles
  • Chronic Headaches and migraine
  • Chronic skin conditions
  • Low energy levels
  • Allergies (a safe and effective detox will do wonders for many allergies)
  • Depression and Poor Mood
  • Poor quality sleep and insomnia

Who Should Not Detox

For starters, detox diets vary greatly.  Certain detox diets like The Raw Food Detox Diet are simple to start, only requiring the user to incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into their diet, while others like the Eating for Energy diet requires a more dedicated diet and exercise schedule but produce more effective and more prolonged health benefits.  It is not fair to put all diets that have a detoxification factor into the same boat.  There is absolutely no harm in introducing a detox component into any diet, including your current eating habits.

What you should watch out for in starting to detox however are food allergies and requirements, especially if you are under special diet restrictions ordered by your doctor.  For example if you are allergic to beets but the detox diet you want to follow requires you to eat beets, then you should eliminate the beets from that particular diet or choose a new one altogether.  A simple rule of thumb is to not do anything you think may cause harm to you.  If you can’t decide, then the easiest method is to consult your doctor.

What Kind of Results to Expect

“You are what you eat.”  What you put into your body has a tremendous impact on  your daily life.  Introducing too many toxins and chemicals into your body through your diet will have a negative impact on your health and state of mind.  Likewise, reducing toxins and detoxifying your body will cancel out the negative effects of ingesting so many toxins.  Even if you do not feel an immediate effect from your fast or cleanse, you body will benefit simply from the reduced toxins introduced to your body during the detoxification process.  You can learn more about toxins and how they are induced into our bodies by reading the Toxins in Everyday Life.

Take our advice.  Give your body a rest and embark on a safe and healthy detox program.  A simple one day fast or cleanse will make you feel more fresh and energized and is a great start to a healthier lifestyle.

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