What is Detox and Body Cleansing

Detox and body cleansing is a method of helping your body eliminate toxic waste stored in its tissues. This cleansing also know as detox is an action that occurs regularly and naturally in the body.  Generally the body will cleanse itself sufficiently, but our repeated exposure to environmental toxins, chemically based products and processed foods will interfere with the body’s regular cleansing function.  A wide variety of detoxification methods can be used in order to aid the body’s self-cleaning functions.  A safe and natural detox consists of eliminating toxins from the body and also preventing future toxins from affecting our body.

A detox program can aid the body in restoring itself to its healthy condition. Under intense levels of toxic overload, typically caused by an improper diet, stress, over-eating, a sedentary lifestyle, illness, the body’s natural ability to detoxify can become compromised.  When this occurs, the body goes into a downward spiral and causes many chronic diseases and illness.  It is at this point that a natural detox program is the most beneficial.

What is Detox

Benefits of a Detox

A detox program is nothing more than providing support for the body’s natural cleansing functions. The point of a body cleanse is not forcing the body to unload toxins rapidly or miraculously. A detox “quick fix” will typically only result in further compromise of the body’s health and natural self-cleaning function.  Real and lasting detox and body cleansing does not come in a pill or a foot pad; real and lasting detoxification is the result of a long term change in awareness, choices and lifestyle.

We can think of detox and body cleansing as both short-term and long-term processes. In the short term, we periodically implement a healthy detox diet or juice fasting program to help flush toxins that have accumulated in the body. Long term, we make changes in our daily habits and lifestyle.  This occurs gradually over time.  Changes include eliminating coffee, getting more exercise, doing deep breathing exercises in the morning and eating more vegetables and fresh fruits.

A healthy and responsible detox program helps the body detox naturally by:

  • resting the digestive organs through short-term fasting or reduced eating for short periods of time
  • resting the body’s natural detox organs
  • improving circulation of the blood and lymph systems
  • stimulating the liver to filter toxins from the body
  • moving the bowels and cleansing the colon
  • nourishing the body with essential nutrients

Unlike what you may have heard, proper detox is not about starving yourself for losing quick pounds.  It is about learning the functions of your body and supporting those functions with proper diet and exercise.  The goal of any safe and effective detox is long term health.  You can learn more about the benefits a safe and natural detox or body cleanse by reading our guide Why We Need to Detox.