How to Detox Your Home

How to Detox Your Home

Detoxing Your Home to Compliment Your Detox Diet

We know that a safe and natural detox diet is a great way to clean up what’s inside us.  But what about what’s around us.  Think of this article as a guide on how to detox your home to make it a more enjoyable and healthy place to live, work and play.  Our homes is where we spend a significant portion of our time and by effectively eliminating some of its environmental toxins, we are taking another huge step to a healthier lifestyle.  You can learn more about environmental toxins found within the home in our article Toxins in Everyday Life.

Cleaning Chemicals

How to Detox Your Home

A simple home detox starts with cleaning chemicals.  Many cleaning chemicals are toxic.  In fact, if you look on the container of most cleaners, you will see disclaimers like: avoid contact with skin and eyes.  It is inevitable that you breathe in the toxic fumes and your skin absorbs the toxins at some time when using these products.  Even if you wear gloves, the residual toxins and chemicals will still remain on the cleaning surface.

The solution is simple.  The next time you run out of a cleaner in your home, whether it’s a floor cleaner, window cleaner or bathroom cleaner, replace it with something less toxic.  Our world is currently experiencing a new green-awareness and many cleaning products are now derived from all-natural sources and are non-toxic.  You may feel that you are paying a small premium when you purchase these products but in reality, you are investing in your health.  If you really want to keep things natural, you can always use natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice for simple cleaning tasks.  And remember, even if you keep a strict detox diet, only watching what you eat but increasing exposure to harsh toxins and chemicals will just make your detox run around in a circle.


The chemical industry has created a myth that pesticides are safe for humans in the home.  The testing that substantiates these claims only test one product on mice or other creatures whose nervous systems are substantially different from those of humans.  They also do not account for cumulative exposure from multiple chemicals over a normal person’s life.  If you have less than perfect health, all the more reason to keep pesticides out of your home.  Your body already has enough to contend with.  Any toxins that your body is unable to process out are stored in your body, and as they accumulate, symptoms and disease will also accumulate.  Kids are also much more susceptible to these harsh chemicals than adults.

The solution is to find nontoxic methods to deal with pest around your home.  Numerous books are available to help you with this process and there are various resources on the web.  Next time you reach for that bottle of insect spray, ask yourself:  Is it worth my health to kill a single pest that may be harmless?

Furniture, toys and carpeting

The final and most crucial part of the detox for your home consist of your common household items.  Common household products are produced in large factories with a variety of harsh and possibly toxic chemicals.  We highly recommend washing toys, rugs and other items after bringing them home, especially if you have young children in the household.  Not only does the washing eliminate some of the toxins found in the manufacturing but it also eliminates risks of harmful bacteria and disease from previous shoppers.

It is also important to keep the floors and carpets in your home clean by regular cleaning and vacuuming.  A carpet or rug in particular is home to a variety of chemicals, toxins, allergens and harmful bacteria.  Dust in particular is an annoying allergen that can have terrible effects on your health.  Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is a crucial component of detox for your home.


Keeping  yourself clean starts with keeping your home clean.  Detox for your home does not have to be an overnight change.  Instead it is better to slowly incorporate more natural forms of cleaning and living into your life.  It may also be beneficial to you and your family to follow up your home detox with a detox for your body.  For more information on what a safe and natural detox is and how it can benefit you, please read our article: What is Detox.

How to Detox Your Home

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