Detox as a State of Mind

Detox as a State of Mind

Detox is not just a physical activity but also a state of mind.  In fact, the detox process must begin in the mind and heart.  Your detox will also not have the effects you desire unless you make up your mind to do so.  The cleanse itself requires self-discipline to resist temptations from media, friends and family to live an unhealthy lifestyle.  Just think: once you start your detox, your opponent will include the billion dollar fast food industry.

Detox for Clear State of Mind

In the end, it will be your mind and will power that prevent you from wavering as you reduce intake of the liver-stressing foods, drugs and drinks that we call Consumable Toxins.  If it ever gets difficult, just recall why you started your detox program in the first place and the kinds of health benefits your detox has brought to your life.  Think of the healthy eating habits, increased exercise and improved energy levels that came with your detox.

How Detox Affects Your Mind

Detox also affects your mind.  During your detox, you will also experience many changes in your mindset.  If you choose to include a fasting component in your detox, then the clarity of mind from the fasting is the perfect example.

However, a detox can also be very disconcerting in the early stages.  For women in particular, as the detox process intensifies, stored estrogen reentering the bloodstream can cause symptoms that mimic PMS.  In men, the extra testosterone the liver has postponed processing will come back into the bloodstream during a detox.  These hormone changes are factors that you must deal for a safe and effective detox.

Finally, when you’ve made it through the intense part of the detox and are coming back into a normal but healthier diet, you’ll feel a mental clarity like never before.  The body acts in a holistic fashion and as your body becomes healthier, so does your mind.  You will be more present and more alive.  You will be different and in a good way.


This is especially beneficial for those suffering from  depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or  chemical dependency.  For these individuals, a detox can play a major role in bringing back a self-sustainable physical biochemistry and regular life.

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