The Raw Food Detox Diet


The Raw Food Detox Diet was written by nutritionist Natalia Rose as a guide to help those who wish to gradually transition into a raw food diet.

The Raw Food Detox Diet Basics

In her book Rose outlines five levels, which include raw foods to varying degrees. Dieters undertake a series of questions in order to determine which level is the most suitable for them to commence the diet with. As dieters adjust to one level they may then progress through the different levels of the diet at their own pace.

Level 5 is the most lenient of all the phases and includes 75% raw foods with at least one cooked meal daily such as a vegetarian pasta dish. Moderate amounts of animal products are allowed including eggs, chicken, and fish. Dairy products are limited to goat cheese only.

Level 1 is the most stringent where dieters will consume only raw fruit, vegetables and juices up until dinner, which is a raw vegan meal on most days. Salmon is allowed once a week on this plan.

As dieters progress through the levels Rose says that the body will detoxify and cleanse at a gentle pace so that the likelihood of experiencing uncomfortable symptoms is reduced.

Rose questions many misconceptions about the raw food diet emphasizing that it is not necessary to eat 100% raw or vegan food to benefit from the diet. In fact she says that in many cases it is actually healthy to include some cooked food in the diet to prevent an overly intense detoxification as well to support pleasure and emotional satisfaction.

She highlights that a 100% raw food diet is not for everyone and especially not for those who are just getting started with this style of eating.

Food combining is an important aspect of this program and dieters are guided in how to choose ‘quick exit combinations’ that Rose says will lead to improved digestion and elimination.

Recommended Foods

Raw fruits and vegetables form the foundation of the diet. Also included are raw nuts and seeds, dried fruits, Thai young coconut, avocado, olive oil, and goat cheese.

Rose gives information regarding commercially available raw substitutes for foods such as breads, crackers, health bars and cookies.

The less strict phases may include some cooked meals including vegetarian pasta, brown rice, steamed vegetables or soups.

On all levels of the plan dieters are allowed to consume a raw dessert or a small amount of Dagoba 75% chocolate.

Sample Diet Plan

Sample Diet Plan for Level 5
On Rising

A piece of fresh fruit


Sprouted grain toast with fresh avocado slices
3 celery stalks


Large raw vegetable salad
Raw ranch dressing
2 sweet potatoes
4 raw crackers with organic butter

Afternoon Snack

1 bag baby carrots
1 small box raisins
4 ounces raw nuts


Large raw vegetable salad (goat cheese optional)
Roasted organic chicken
1-2 cups steamed vegetables

Evening Snack

1/3 bar Dagoba 75% chocolate

Sample Diet Plan for Level 1

Green lemonade

Throughout the day

Fresh fruit as desired


Green lemonade


Thai coconut soup
Raw pad Thai


Raw Brownie

Exercise Recommendations

Rose states that dieters will see results on her plan without the need to exercise. She says that most of her Manhattan clients do not engage in exercise except for walking in the city.

Costs and Expenses

The Raw Food Detox Diet retails at $15.95.

It may be necessary for dieters to purchase equipment food preparation including a juicer, blender, and food processor.


  • Encourages a high intake of fruit and vegetables.
  • Flexible approach that allows the dieter to proceed at their own pace.
  • Allows for inclusion of animal products thus avoiding the deficiencies that are common on raw vegan diets.
  • Provides recipes and alternatives for treats such as ice cream and other desserts.
  • Allows chocolate, which may help adherence to the diet while providing a good source of antioxidants.


  • Difficult to eat out and most meals must be prepared from scratch.
  • Many rules to follow in regard to proper food combining.
  • Early levels include large amounts of grains such as pasta and sprouted grain breads.
  • May not be suitable for those who are carbohydrate sensitive.
  • May be expensive to purchase larger amounts of fresh produce, nuts, etc.
  • May require purchase of additional kitchen equipment.
  • Recommends colonics, which may not be appropriate for many individuals.
  • Does not encourage exercise.


Rose offers a plan that is nutritionally balanced in contrast to many of the raw food and detox diets that are often promoted.

Although this is quite a stringent plan the transitional approach will be beneficial for dieters who would like to try a this style of eating but may have difficulty initially with a 100% raw food diet.