Hallelujah Diet


Pastor George M. Malkmus developed the Hallelujah diet based on what he believes is the ideal diet that God intended for us to eat in the Garden of Eden. He describes the diet as composed of God’s natural foods that are “bountiful in ‘live’ enzymes that nourish cells and provide true energy”.

George Malkmus claims to have healed himself from cancer following this diet however it appears that there are no medical records to back up his claim. Reports state that he has since suffered a stroke and high blood pressure and has had to resort to medication to control his condition.

The Hallelujah Diet Basics

The diet is fundamentally a vegan raw food diet. The basic guidelines of the diet are simple: consume 85% raw foods and 15% cooked foods. The cooked portion is usually consumed at the end of the evening meal.

On the Hallelujah diet it is recommended to skip breakfast and instead have only barley grass drinks and fresh vegetable juices. Options for breakfast are given for those transitioning from a standard diet and include such foods as fresh fruit salad, whole grain raw granola, almond milk and sprouted grain toast with almond butter.

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

The Hallelujah Diet also involves the use of a number of supplements including BarleyMax which are sold on the Hallelujah Diet website.

Recommended Foods

The 85% Portion

  • Raw vegetable and fresh vegetable juices.
  • Fresh fruits (limited to no more than 15% of daily intake).
  • Raw nuts, nut butter and seeds.
  • Sprouted beans.
  • Soaked raw oats.
  • Olive oil, flax oil and avocado.

The 15% Portion

  • Steamed or stir fried vegetables.
  • Steamed or baked white potato, sweet potato and squash.
  • Cooked beans such as lima, kidney, pinto etc.
  • Whole grain breads, pasta and brown rice.
  • Soy cheese, rice milk and small amounts of organic butter and mayonnaise.
  • Raw honey, molasses, carob powder, maple syrup (use sparingly).
  • Herb teas, cereal based coffee replacements, bottled fruit and vegetable juices.

Sample Diet Plan




Carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with flaxseeds


BarleyMax followed 30 minutes later by all raw meal of salad or raw fruit


Carrot and green vegetable juice (2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens) with raw trail mix


BarleyMax followed 30 minutes later by a large green salad with a variety of raw vegetables followed by nut loaf, baked sweet potato, whole grain pasta or vegetable sandwich on whole grain bread.

Evening Snack

A piece of fresh fruit or a serve of fresh apple or pear juice.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is recommended as part of a balanced lifestyle both for weight loss and general health and is advocated as a method to help with eliminating toxins from the body.

Costs and Expenses

Hallelujah Diet Book $14.99US.

Recipe book $24.95US

BarleyMax powder $37.95US (2 months supply)

If taking all the supplements recommended in the program the cost is approximately $2000 US per year.


  • Many people experience short term health benefits.
  • High content of vegetables provide antioxidants and fiber and are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Low fat diet can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increases awareness about processed foods in diet.


  • The biblical basis for the diet is questionable as is the belief that there is one perfect diet for all people.
  • Most people will probably not enjoy this style of eating.
  • Unscientific nutritional explanations.
  • Many long term followers of the diet have had problems including severe nutritional deficiencies, loss of muscle tone, food cravings, chronic tiredness, depression and premature aging.


While it may be beneficial for a short term cleansing diet, the Hallelujah diet is far too low in protein and other essential nutrients to be viable as a health promoting diet over the longer term. Those who are physically active as well as people with digestive disorders or chronic illnesses will especially fall far short of their daily protein needs.

Malkmus also makes claims that are not supported by current nutritional knowledge and the ‘proof’ provided is that of testimonials by dieters that have generally only been on the diet for a short time period.

If you are looking for a healthy long term approach to weight loss the Hallelujah Diet cannot be recommended.