Fat Flush For Life


Fat Flush for Life: The Year-Round Super Detox Plan to Boost Your Metabolism and Keep the Weight Off Permanently was created by Ann Louise Gittleman, a nutritionist who has authored over thirty books including the bestseller, The Fat Flush Plan.

In this book Gittleman outlines a seasonal detox plan that will help to detoxify your liver and lymphatic system to eliminate bloating, reduce the appearance of cellulite, nourish glowing skin and improve general well being. She also explains how to improve weight loss through enhancing intestinal bacteria and balancing thyroid function.

Fat Flush for Life Diet Basics

The book describes general recommendations on how to structure your diet with lean proteins, healthy fats and low-glycemic index carbohydrates. However the foundation of the Fat Flush for Life program are the seasonal detox plans that help your body to cleanse and eliminate excess fat by taking advantage of your way your body naturally responds to the seasons.

The detox plans included in the book are as follows:

  • Winter Fat Flush
    This program helps to jump-start your metabolism and protect your immunity while keeping you feeling warm and satisfied in cold weather.
  • Spring Fat Flush
    Release liver toxins while nourishing the body with a lighter way of eating that is cleansing to the body.
  • Summer Fat Flush
    The detox process is accelerated to help you burn fat faster during the warmer time of the year while still focusing on releasing accumulated toxins.
  • Autumn Fat Flush
    A vegetarian plan that enhances body cleansing and resets metabolism.
  • The 5 Day Hot Metabolism Booster
    A plateau-buster that is guaranteed to help you take your weight loss to the next level. This plan helps to shift stubborn weight gain and incorporates the use of thermogenic herbs and spices.

Recommended Foods

Fruit, vegetables, vegetable juice, eggs, fish, chicken, sea vegetables, beans, tofu, sesame seeds, chia seeds, wheatgrass juice, macadamia nut oil, protein powder, fenugreek, cilantro, parsley, cinnamon, cayenne, garlic, cranberry juice, flaxseed oil, olive oil.

Sample Diet Plan


Hot metabolism cocktail

Morning Snack

2 hard-boiled eggs


4 oz grilled chicken breast
2 cups mixed greens
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Afternoon Snack

Hot metabolism cocktail


4 oz broiled halibut
2 cups steamed broccoli

Evening Snack

Hot metabolism cocktail

Exercise Recommendations

The main focus of The Fat Flush for Life plan is on the detox diet regimes however the book provides some guidelines for fitness that will enhance the effects of the seasonal fat flushes.

Costs and Expenses

Fat Flush for Life: The Year-Round Super Detox Plan to Boost Your Metabolism and Keep the Weight Off Permanently retails at $22.95.


  • Created by a respected nutrition expert.
  • Unique approach that works in harmony with the seasons.
  • Encourages a holistic approach to weight loss.
  • Includes a plan for breaking weight loss plateaus.
  • Provides unique information about thyroid function.
  • Includes meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.
  • Includes vegetarian options.


  • Requires many foods to be restricted or eliminated.
  • May require more time for food preparation.
  • Difficult to eat out and in social situations.
  • Requires the use of a specific protein powder sold by the author.
  • Recommends a variety of nutritional supplements.


Fat Flush for Life provides dieters with a unique program for cleansing the body that should also promote weight loss and general health improvements. Although some of the dietary recommendations are quite restrictive, on the whole this is a nutritionally balanced plan, including a detox element that will appeal to dieters who have not achieved successful results with standard approaches to dieting.